Volunteer for the Pierce County Fair

Pierce County Fair
August 9-12, 2018

The Pierce County Dems are looking for volunteers to work in the Party booth at the fair.  Meet your neighbors and friends in a festive atmosphere while spreading the word about how great it is to be a Democrat!

The Party offers one-day passes to enter the fair for each shift.  Otherwise, there is a $5 admission fee. 

The booth is located on the first floor of the Round Barn.  Just take your pick of days and times below the calendar.  (Scroll to the bottom to fill in the Shift Request Form.)

10:00a -

12:00 -

2:00 -

4:00 -

6:00 -

Aug 9

Leota A

Beth T
Kathleen D
Lou D

Kathleen D
Lou D

Barry B

Megan E

Aug 10

Mary F

Gary P
Bruce D

Charlie W
Jeff S

Charlie W
Megan E


Aug 11

Charlie W
Megan E

Charlie W
Megan E

James M
Megan E

Lou G
Megan E

Lou G
Megan E


11:00a -

1:00 -

3:00 -


Aug 12

Prescott B
Charlie W
Megan E

Juliet T
Megan E

Megan E

Your name will appear on your shift after it's been confirmed.  If for some reason you cannot make it to your shift, please contact us (PierceCtyDems@gmail.com or 715-821-1259) ASAP to provide advance notice to fill your shift. 

See you at the Fair!

Shift Request Form (check for openings in the shift calendar above before making your selection(s) below):

* Name (First Last):

Address (City, State ZIP):

* Best phone number to reach you:
* Email address:
* I would like a pass to get into the fair.
  Yes       No
  THU :: Aug 9 :: 4p-6p
  THU :: Aug 9 :: 6p-8p
  FRI :: Aug 10 :: 6p-8p
  SUN :: Aug 12 :: 3p-5p

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