March Dems Meeting  

Freedom Park, Prescott
200 Monroe Street
Prescott, Wisconsin  54016


Mar 18, 2015   starts at 7:00 pm (GMT -6:00) CST

March Membership Meeting
of the
Pierce County Democratic Party

Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 7:00 PM

-> April 7 Election
-> Delegates to 3rd CD Convention
-> Convention resolutions for submission*

Freedom Park
Great River Road Visitors Center
200 Monroe Street, Prescott  WI

For directions, go to, and click on Directions

It's 2015!  Where do we go from here?
Let's have some fun this year!

*Resolutions must be reasonable in length, but no more than one hundred (100) words in length; must be a standardized format, that is each resolution must start with a paragraph beginning "Whereas," and end with a paragraph "Resolved," with each line being numbered. [Examples from 2014 can be found here.]

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